gift for your wedding guest

5 tips for choosing the perfect gift for your wedding guest


Marriage is a stressful and exhilarating event. And among the many things to expect is the gift of the guests. How to find the ideal gift, which will please everyone without breaking the bank? We have listed 5 tips for you to make your choice better.

Get inspired: via the web, other bride and groom, your guests

There is no shortage of ideas around you, just waiting to be found.

You can start with some research on the net . The sites specializing in wedding gifts can give you ideas and some indications on the prices of this or that gift.

In the same logic, find out from other married people you know or even from your guests themselves . After all, they are in the best position to know what they would like to be offered.

Budget your guest gifts

The budget is rarely the most exciting aspect of a wedding, but it is essential. As early as possible, ask yourself how much you want to invest in your gifts . This will be an important criterion in your choice.

Self -help forums can help you get an idea of ​​the budget depending on the gift chosen.

Consider all types of gifts

Many types of gifts are possible: it remains to know which one will suit you.

A must-have is the gift to taste : practical, timeless, it will necessarily delight the guests. Everyone likes to receive a little culinary treat. Dragées are the first to come to mind, but you can also opt for sweets, homemade jam, honey or any other food you like.

Another fairly common gift, and rightly so: the souvenir gift . Simple and effective, a photo frame will be perfect to remind everyone of this big day.

Perhaps you would prefer a more utilitarian gift , usable on a daily basis? Keychain, personalized cup, soap; many small gifts that will serve your guests in their everyday life are possible.

Think about each modality of the gift and around the gift

Will you opt for a unisex or differentiated gift ? One will be more practical, the other more personalized. Original or classic ? Purchased or homemade ? A handmade gift will undoubtedly be more personal and less expensive, a purchased gift will require much less time. If you choose this option, will you buy it in store or online ? Buying in person makes it easier to gauge, directly, the dimensions, materials, general appearance; buying online is a huge time saver.

In addition to the gift itself, think “around the gift”. That is to say: its packaging , a possible word to accompany it (the name of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding), a name tag in the case of personalized gifts. Any element to take into consideration in addition to the present itself, and which could represent a significant difference in your budget and in the personalization of your gifts.

Plan an extra VIP gift?

You may wish to offer a different or additional gift to your special guests : the parents of the bride and groom, their siblings, witnesses and bridesmaids, in particular.

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