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How to choose your wedding gift


Choosing a wedding gift is not always an easy task. Between an original gift, a useful gift or a sure value gift, it is not often easy to sort out and find a present that stands out for the wedding. Again, there are certain criteria to study if you really want to find a gift that will surprise the lovebirds. Everything you need to know to choose a wedding gift .

Your relationship with the bride and groom

One thing is certain: the type of wedding gift chosen will not be the same if you have a close relationship with the bride and groom and if you know them little. We will see later for the second case. However, if you are close enough to the bride and groom , the gift you give them should reflect the degree of your relationship in terms of affection. It will indeed show how well you know them.

You can always offer or participate in the cost of a service provider such as a wedding photographer in Toulon or another that is close to their hearts.

Wedding gift: revealing personality

If the wedding gift above all allows the bride and groom to keep memories of the big day, also know that it denounces both the personality of the one who offers it as well as that of the newlyweds. It is a double revealing present which must therefore mark the spirits and leave traces. Thus, do not neglect this part when choosing it.

The wedding list

Some bride and groom decide to draw up a wedding list where they list all the things they would like for the big day. If this is the case, it will only be beneficial for your quest, because you will be able to orient your choices more easily. Of course, you don’t have to follow it. You can also opt for objects that relate to the one listed in the list. For example, if the bride and groom want an oven, offer them molds and cookie cutters of all kinds.

What if you know little about the bride and groom?

It is not necessarily easy to choose a wedding gift when you do not know the bride and groom very well. However, you have nothing to fear, because there are a lot of freebies today that can save you the day. Among other things, you can opt for kitchen accessories, customizable linens and many other gift ideas.

What gifts to avoid?

The first thing you should avoid when choosing a wedding gift is to think of only one of the bride and groom. Who says wedding necessarily says two people in love, so there is no question of pleasing only your friend.

In addition, although you will develop a very close relationship with the future married couple, gifts of the humorous, unusual or overly intimate type should be left off the list. The same goes for gifts that are inappropriate both in size and cost. Pleasure while having fun is essential.

Moreover, the budget should not be the subject of a criterion for choosing a wedding gift , because the offer is today very varied, both in stores and on the Internet.

Finally, personal gifts such as the photographer, or the place of the wedding, are to be avoided. Indeed, the choice is so wide, on the other hand, this kind of gift is intimate and must be chosen by the bride and groom. For example, choosing a wedding photographer requires time and reflection: how he or she takes the photos, what emotions are released, what type of rendering the bride and groom want. Namely, vintage, classic, modern, black and white, in short, it’s too delicate to be offered like that, without having consulted the couple.

What is the ideal wedding gift?

Original gift, “safe bet” gift or even useful gift, what is the ideal present for a wedding? Discover the essential points in this part.

original gift

For an original wedding gift , the decoration is to be included in your list. You can already take inspiration from dedicated online stores that will offer you a well-filled catalog where you will certainly find your account. Among other things, you can choose small, limited-edition occasional furniture, rugs, lighting, etc. However, we advise you to place your order a little in advance, as deliveries can sometimes take a long time.

In addition to online sales sites, you can also search second-hand shops where you will undoubtedly find original objects that are sure to please. It will also demonstrate your personal investment and make the present even more enjoyable.

Wedding gift in Toulon

For this type of wedding gift , the idea is above all to touch the hearts of the bride and groom. In this case, the gift services to share constitute gifts with a sure value which not only allow the lovers to enjoy a pleasant moment for two, but also to prolong their wedding with beautiful surprises. Thus, you can opt for a travel box, a “well-being” gift voucher for two, a gourmet meal… There is also a whole lot of themes that will certainly leave you in embarrassment. It’s up to you to choose the ones that suit the bride and groom the most.

useful gift

Not to be mistaken, this type of gift is certainly the most appropriate. To do this, the use of the famous wedding list is of great necessity. You have to base yourself on this to make your choices. It’s clear that the idea of ​​a surprise no longer really has any place, but at least you’ll be sure to aim straight.

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